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Originally Posted by CMK10 View Post
That's only part of my argument. My larger argument is that it reflects badly on Flyertalk as a whole. We have a forum where grown adults come to call another blogger gay. Is this something we want as part of this website? I certainly didn't think so. I was elected to represent the interests of this website and this is something I feel is better suited not on our site.

Lastly, I'm not sure what you're implying with your second line. I have no love for bloggers (in fact, Gary Leff blocked me on Facebook for some of my comments).
Calling someone 'gay', along with personal attacks in general are against FT's TOS. FT has a moderation system in place to deal with these things.

Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
You'd be surprised how little moderation I do there. I'm happy to report that AFAIR I have not banned anyone due to posts in EM&PR either, except maybe a few sockpuppets/duplicates. ...
CMK10, Can you help me understand why your issue is anything but one with the forum's moderation? I fail to see how civil discourse related to the points and miles blogs could reflect badly on FT. If the discourse isn't civil, how are topics germane to points and miles the problem? Isn't the issue one of FT member behavior?

Bottom line for me is that I'd like to see a forum maintained that allows critical analysis and discussion of the blogs. It is a useful counterpoint.
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