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AA Losing KTN# in individual trip

Good morning,

Got up this morning to find the following e-mail from AA:

We know TSA PreCheck is important to you. We noticed a mismatch that may prevent you from getting TSA PreCheck on your trip. Here’s what to do before you check in: Go to, choose your Trusted Traveler program and log in. Verify your known traveler number, and the name, date of birth and gender in your Trusted Traveler program account. Next, go to log in, find your upcoming trip and ‘Add/edit passenger information.’ Your known traveler number should begin with 98 or TT and end with 7 letters/numbers. Double check that the letters/numbers are correct and in the right order. Also, check that the name, date of birth and gender match exactly with the information in your Trusted Traveler program account. If you booked on another site or with a travel agent, please contact them to verify your passenger details and known traveler number. Thank you for choosing American Airlines. We look forward to seeing you onboard.

Logged into TSA PC & everything is fine-they still know me & I'm still approved.

Logged into AA & my KTN# is in my profile, but just for giggles, went into the pax details section of my trip tomorrow & my KTN, which I manually re-enter every time I book, had been x'd out (in checking further, this was the case w/every trip I have coming up, as it turns out). Manually re-entered it, again, & got the 'Success! Your changes have been saved'. Except, it turns out, they weren't when I looked a few minutes later-the number was x'd out again.

Anyone else get this e-mail or notice this in your individual trip records?
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