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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
This thread is almost certainly going to play out the same as that forum: A handful shouting loudly that their views are so important that FT MUST give them a place to be heard. And the rest of the community ignoring the shouting because they've realized it is all just noise.
So, just like pretty much every other thread in every forum?

I don't see anyone shouting. What I do see are that the people that are against EMPR can't provide any concrete reasons why, just accusations.

cblaisd hasn't provided a single example.
kellio33 called it a cesspool, yet has a post in OMNI telling a TB member to "just pass on by or let the mods take care of it if you don't feel it's appropriate".
You and cblaisd questioned the level of moderating.

Honestly the level of kvetching in this thread is on par with most threads in EMPR.

I don't go to the vast majority of forums on FT because they aren't of interest to me. My question is if you don't find value in the EMPR forum, why do you visit?
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