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Originally Posted by CMK10 View Post
The argument here has nothing to do with popularity, everyone admits the forum is popular. The argument being presented is the forum adds nothing of value to this website.

I just scrolled through five pages of people speculating on why Lucky can't fly United anymore. The same discussion that's occurred again and again and again. To what end? It doesn't educate or foster a sense of community or better anyone. The EMP forum reads like a Youtube comment section. Aren't we better than that?
Ben himself brought up the UA issues in his Rolling Stone puff piece. Their are many rumors about what he did, but I'm willing to bet no one here knows the full details. Suffice it to say that UA themselves wouldn't comment on it but only said something to the effect they only kick out people for cases of fraud or other serious violations. That's going to get people talking.

The recent discussion was about him stating he would be flying UA again.
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