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Sorry for the delay...moving into a new house!

Sheraton Laguna & Guam

All rev'd up and ready to go! Really friendly desk girl and parking lot attendant at Hertz at GUM.

So I knew my phone wouldn't work in Guam, but I frequently buy AT&T's "Passport" global data packages. You buy them now for a month at a certain amount of data so I bought a package that would be fine for TPE/HKG/GUM. My phone found out a way to connect to AT&T but it wouldn't connect to any 3/4G LTE or the like. Luckily I could pretty much see the Sheraton off in the distance and was more or less able to see on the map that would load on the phone the way to get there.

Check in was a mess of a Korean tour group ahead of me with no SPG Elite line staffed.
They actually upgraded my room to a 1BR ocean view balcony suite on the Club floor.

Tired and starving I went down to the buffet for dinner.
Food was better than the surroundings or atmosphere. Grilled seafood, lobster, Mongolian bbq, mix of sushi and other mix of dishes and cultures.

The I went to sign the check to room charge.


I thought oh okay what's the conversion again...oh. Wait, it's USD. Word of the wise, at tourist resorts on weekends make sure you check for the over priced "surf and turf" bbqs.

Since I was on a Club floor I went to try and get into the lounge for breakfast. You use a key card to enter but no dice it wouldn't open. On my drive in I saw Shirley's Coffee Shop and went to try that out.

Went back again the 2nd morning and the Chamorro scramble was tastier than the first one.

I liked the place, there's at least 2 since I saw another one. Like a Denny's with local flavor.

Guam was pretty easy to get around. A road around the island with a few ways to cut through it.

First morning decided to hike to Mt. Lam Lam...the "tallest" mountain in the world (if you count it's base being at the bottom of the Marianas Trench).

Really beautiful, nice breeze once you get to the top. It's used yearly by Catholics where they all hike up to a spot to the right doing stations of the cross or something like that.

I head read about sword (or blade?) grass native to Guam which doesn't look too bad but it apparently has micro sharp blades on it that'll cut you up and not realize it until later. I didn't really notice anything hiking but I did try to cover my arms when having to push through some of the tall grass.
Had a few scratches the next day.

Also noticed this old Continental Air Micronesia sign that I did a big u-turn to take a pic of.

I had to get a new room key...TWICE! I kept taking the swim towel card instead of my room key!

Googled and found Meskla Dos for "fusion" burgers and other Chamoro take on things.

I went back the next day for lunch before going to Tarzan Falls and got a burger as well!

I had Tarzan Falls to myself with a barking frog keeping me company. When I got back to the car another group of 4-5 locals was making their way in.

It was hot and humid and I was in the sun a lot so I made sure to have plenty of liquids.

Combined with a few drops in at Unified Crossfit with a great group working out as well.

Someone from my gym back home was stationed in Guam for a bit and recommended doing sunset one night at The Beach Bar at Gun Beach. Was a nice vibe with a guy playing acoustic guitar. Food was okay and price wasn't much of a bargain but it was a nice spot.

Someone at the gym said I should go to Mosa's Joint for lunch. Wasn't bad, nice spot but maybe I ordered wrong.

Followed by 1,000 Steps to work of the taco. An easy "hike" up and down the stairs. I had the rocky coastline all to myself.

Final meal I wanted some sushi and saw that 9th Street Rotary was high on the list. I realized that the rotary meant it was one of the revolving conveyer belt places.

It was great! Also had this amazing taco with some sort of Chamoro dried/seasoned beef.

The USA's first sun of rise and first to set. Getting in bed for an early start to head to GUM en-route to SFO in the morning.
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