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Originally Posted by Enhancements View Post
KE is still fully 9-abreast. So is CA.

I'd much rather have extra seat pitch than width- there's just more usable/habitable space for legs and items. Much of the rhetoric around seat width is from a certain aircraft manufacturer's marketing- that magical single inch won't determine whether you suddenly feel cramped or borderline comfortable.
Everybody is different, but I disagree strongly.

I can survive TPAC on BR's 2-4-2 PE seating. If I was in the back (3-3-3), I would almost certainly be arriving in physical pain from having to force my arms in to my body. Sometimes happens to me on shorter flights.

3-4-3? I would walk of the plane.

Room is not fungible. Having place to put some random crap does not make up for the fact that the width is far narrower than my natural elbow-to-elbow width.

As CI jumps ahead of BR with their newest metal, BR slips backwards.
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