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I applied for the UMP Explorer 70K in late June. I was right at 5/24 so decided to give it a try, since I figured I would have a good profile (830 FICO, 15 yr excellent history with Chase where I keep cards) for a borderline case. Nope - denied. Spoke with 4 different reps/supervisors. The last of these was a higher level supervisor from Arizona who they had call me after I asked to escalate with the first supervisor I spoke with.

One thing I learned (maybe others already know) is that in practice they are doing a 5/25 rule. This application was in late June 2016, but in their initial review they were still counting an app from early June 2014 against me. I had figured it would be excluded, but they said they couldn't see the day of the month for the application, so they had to include it. This was my 6th, and the initial CSR seemed to think I could be reconsidered if it was taken off. Eventually the higher level people agreed to exclude it but still said 5 was too many.

The higher level supervisor chatted with me a bit about the rule. He said they were aware that it could alienate longtime customers, but that after the trial run with the core non-cobrand cards they found it effective (for the bottom line I guess) so decided to expand it. He claimed that it wasn't aimed specifically at people who close cards shortly after opening them, but that many apps in a short time indicated "risky behavior." He said it wouldn't matter if someone had a 40 year excellent history with Chase.
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