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Got more details from my wife when she arrived home today finally. The hotel was a shambles - one of the PAX described it as a 1970s poconos camp type experience. Her dinner (shared with three others) was only obtained after an extended altercation with the hotel restaurant manager. Staff were rude and As an unaccompanied woman my wife felt unsafe as there were a set of leering local men at the hotel bar who "engaged" with PAX.
The paper united gave with a local number to call for assistance and to arrange return transport to FRA actually included a number of a local trucking company. On return to Frankfurt the following day PAX had the UA service director (who was adamant PAX were given the right number) dial it directly and she got through to the trucking company. Hopefully UA fixes that.

Return transport for PAX with special needs was promised but never actually arranged, so People took taxis back to the terminal.

UA used the newly arrived aircraft from SF to get my wife and her flight home then cancelled UA 927 for a second day. So it sounds like they have a difficult to repair 747 with a fuel leak stuck in FRA.

Hopefully todays 927 PAX were treated better overnight.

All classes of service including first class were sent to this unsafe dump of a hotel.
I'm wondering, in these sorts of situations where the whole plane gets rebooked, is it better just to find your own hotel / transport, and then deal with any rebooking issues on the phone? (At least in EU261 situations you should have your costs covered, in addition the delay compensation?)
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