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Horror stories due to terrible travel companions

Time to share horror stories when you ended up in (very) unpleasant situation due to stupid/selfish/foolish behaviour of your travel companion(s).

Please note - one thing is then someone makes reservation for plane/hotel on a wrong day - that can happen, anyone can make an error. But another case is when someone's careless behaviour at least endangered/disrupted other people plans and at most put their well being/health/life in line.

Let me start with one such case:

I and my wife was invited by (former, why former - here is the story) female friend to go together at the bottom of Grand Canyon at Supai during our visit of Utah/Arizona. We agreed, but told her that we can stay for no more one night because had reservation and plans at other place next day.

We (foolishly) assumed that if she invited us, she would take care of logistics as well - big mistake. Please note - hike from the top of the rim to the bottom is 8h, 8 miles hike with 2500ft elevation change.

After arrival we found out that, she had no idea if there were other alternatives to go back except to hike up which would take more than 16h and was not an option even for me. There were alternatives - via helicopter - $150 for 5 min ride per person on $75 per person via horses, but we had to reserve them in advance (which she obviously did not do) and we had to pay cash (which we did not have).

I and my wife were frantically running from place to place trying to arrange our way back and managed to do it by doing cash advance from our credit cards to pay for ride back. Next day we need to leave by 10AM and she is nowhere to found. Apparently decided to have hike on her own to a nearest waterfall. While we had all the desire to leave without her, we could not do it because she took us there on her car.

At the end I did manage to find her and almost dragged her back. When asked her why she would behave this way, knowing that we would end up stranded here and this would put all our plans upside down, I got an answer: "so what, if you end up in that place day later"...

And that's not the one case with her. Another friend of mine who went with her on a trip (she did not know about our case) missed her plan because that fruitcake left her handbag with passport and money at hotel and discovered this after arriving at the airport - they had to go back.
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