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So I flew to AQJ yesterday.

The lounge is located next to Entrance 5 (the last entrance as you enter the ramp by car/bus). It is before the police checkpoint (in AMM they check ID/tickets and x-ray bags to make sure only pax enter the check in area). So you enter the terminal,go to the lounge,go thru ID check,check in (if you have not checked in at RJ Business Class check in at entrance 1 already and go thru security. Everything is within a few steps.

Now,the lounge...this is by far the worst and the most pathetic lounge I have ever seen in my life.

Food and beverages:
Cerutti Espresso machine (no latte/capuchino e.t.c,espresso only) and paper cups;
Half empty (warm) pepsi bottle;
Bottled water (have to ask the lounge host to take it out of the fridge under his desk);
Packaged arabic sweets (see pic 1).

That's it.

The lounge is extremely small (pic 2 was taken from the far corner of the lounge and you can see how close the other end is). The capacity is 10 passengers (yesterday we had 3 pax in J and 1 Sapphire in Y,but there was only me and another lady in the lounge.

There are power sockets next to the sofas,but there are no toilets and I can't imagine where is the nearst toilet,appart from the one post-security..Also the lounge is separated from the terminal by glass walls,so everyone passing by can see you. Since the lounge is landside,you can get out to smoke e.t.c. as much as you wish.

The only advantage of this lounge is that you can wait there till everyone else clears security (which is just 30 seconds away),but arriving to the airport more than 40 minutes prior to departure is not recommended. Also it might be useful if you are on a connection,say from Asia and you have an hour or so to kill. In this case I would personally get some coffee/snacks from Starbucks or SNAX mini-market in arrivals and take it to the lounge.

There is also a nice cafe outside by the fountain,located in the middle of the parking complex.

In total,it's a big dissapointment. Yes I am glad that RJ now offers some kind of lounge access,but since it's a third party lounge,I can't imagine how much money is wasted on this. If they are paying so much for rent and maintanance of the lounge,it would not be too expensive/hard to offer some more snacks/refreshments.
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