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Originally Posted by eastflyer123 View Post
As a courtesy, I thought I would let you know that QR responded.

I am totally impressed by the very unusual quick response - less than 24 hours!

An extract of their email:

"A lthough we fully understand the inconvenience you went through, unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to avoid the delay and as such, we believe that this would be considered an extraordinary circumstance and outside Qatar Airways control for which no compensation is payable."

I'm not sure it was "extraordinary" as they do push their luck for 45 min connections, but seem to work it out usually.

At the time of the delay, they offered:
- Meal voucher
- City hotel
- Transfers
- Booked onto next flight

And now, following my email, 3,000 Q Miles.

I was not expecting anything - but what is this worth?
Thanks for updating the thread and advising QR responded promptly.

From the sounds of it, QR did everything you expected of them on the ground, so perhaps see the Qmiles as a bonus opposed to anything else.

The other thing to ask is, simply, what would you like from QR?


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