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United Club SFO & 787 BusinessFirst SFO-TPE

I ended up renting a car and driving up because it turns out to be cheaper (also when I arrive at 5:30am from HNL) than if I were to pay for parking for 3 weeks.
Booked at MRY the cheapest thing available and ended up getting a Passat. The lady tried to upsell me to a GLK or C class but really pointless to do that. First time driving a VW, wasn't too bad.

A bit longer check-in than I've seen the past few trips. Seemed like most of the people were families.

Pre-Check was a breeze aside from the Chinese lady who decided she was going to push in front of me and another woman only to then speak no English and didn't understand she had to leave her phone on the conveyer belt.

The United Club was a bit crowded, the NRT flight ended up having a 7 hour delay so they were still in there. Seems like once the earlier Asia flights go things ease up a bit. I left 10 min before boarding as things were showing on time.

Stopped to see a new guy at SFO.

SQ was boarding at the gate across from us. Although once I got there our delays started posting as we didn't have a plane at the gate yet. Ended up having an hour delay. Didn't stop people from lining up before we even had an aircraft.

Then had these two guys decide they didn't need to wait in line and would just hop in front of the well heeled Taiwanese woman and her daughter ahead of me. I thought they were friends, turns out bald spot was trying to chat up pink pants about cutting and he just flat out ignored him 3x when he asked why he was going to TPE.

I was out of stocked up hotel slippers to bring on the flights but I had forgotten until I boarded that UA was now giving out slippers in J/F to all flights to Asia, not just Japan. The new tins are flimsy so I just took the contents I want out. I kept the first one I got for the collection but not going forward.

The purser introduced herself to the GS/1Ks and she also ended up serving our side of the cabin which was nice. Attentive and looked after.

Haven't seen pork belly on a UA menu before, but I didn't peep it on anyone's tray.

Catering must have been out of ceramic, the sauce was in a plastic cup.

Beats most of the sad iceberg crap you get ex-US, but still not as good ex-EU.

Really good fish! Tasty and nice snap to the beans. Gobbled it up, would have eaten another bowl.

My sad dessert.

I slept through the noodle soup and didn't think to ask for one. I had a protein bar and one of my Complete Cookies and then picked at some fruit in the snack cart set up.

About 2.5 hours before landing I was up and the FA holding down fort came and asked me what I would like for breakfast so I was able to secure one of the congee. I'm not an aficionado but I thought it was a good and a nice change from the other breakfast stuff...served at 7pm local time.

I've only connected in TPE. Everything went pretty smoothly bags were out quick and I hoped in a cab to head to the hotel.

I actually zoned out and for a second thought I was in Hong Kong lol!
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