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Originally Posted by frugaltraveller0487 View Post
I got approved for my second cc biz with chase (Marriott) and I'm 8/24. I got the ink+ in May. Sole proprietor with ssn. I didn't have to call.
Thanks for the report. I've added it to the wiki.

According the FT reports I've run across (& added to the wiki), the Marriott business, Hyatt, IHG, and Fairmont co-brand cards remain unaffected by the 5/24 policy.

The seeming absence of successful 5+/24 apps for the UA (biz & personal), BA, & Marriott personal cards suggests that these are now restricted.

If I'm overlooking relevant FT reports (that is, post-May 22 approvals from people over 5/24, and not denials purportedly because of 5/24) or strong evidence from other quarters--say, reddit--please chime in.
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