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Lightbulb What do y'all do for a living that requires so much travel?

So I travel 3-6 times a month. Not much, in my book. A small fraction of what I did way back in the day. I was trying to explain recently to my wife -- who thinks I travel an enormous amount / waaay too much (though admittedly we do have a 3 year old, which is awfully hard work) -- that there are people who fly exponentially more than I do. In fact, there are quite a few PMs and DMs who rake in a lot more than the 90,000 MQMs I've accrued so far this year.

She almost couldn't believe there are people who need to travel for work that much, except those in sales. (She, by comparison, hasn't had a work-mandated flight for several years).

So throwing this out there to spark her curiosity and, maybe, prove just a little bit I'm not flying excessively...relatively speaking ;-)

So have at it folks. What do y'all do for a living that requires so much travel?

I'll start...(1) public policy, and (2) military (Reservist, frequently on orders)

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