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Cat Cafe & Charlie Brown Cafe in Seoul

There are number of cat cafes in Seoul. We decided to visit one in Gangnam.

I feel like there's some kind of common theme with cats at this cafe.

Like many other cat cafes, their system involves (1) paying for a hot or cold drink (aorund $8) and (2) the drink serves as the admission cost for the place.

They allow you to stay as long as you want once you enter.

...and as you can imagine, like many other cat cafes, this place also has a very skewed male-to-female ratio... I count... well... one guy in this photo.

Yay. Wedding. skip

Walking around Gangnam area, we found this place called "Sexy Club" where the signage said "Foreigners are Welcome." We didn't try to go in. Oh well.

Japanese fish-roe pasta seemed to be popular here

The Seoul Subway reminds you to let the passengers get off first.

Charlie Brown Cafe - Gangnam

A few blocks from the Cat Cafe around Gangnam station, there is one of the locations of Charlie Brown Cafes in Seoul.

Which also means - I had to visit the place... How can I miss it?

Like many cafes in Korea - they gave you a buzzer that would ring when your drinks were ready

Mugs were selling for around $6.

Lots of Snoopys... ... ok I will stop

Outside the cafe, we ran into this couple, who were celebrating their wedding night in a swanky love motel (for you prudes - a type of short-stay hotel found around the world operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy for sexual activities).... Certainly interesting choice... to each of their own


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