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Air Busan flight to Busan, then Seoul

Air Busan flight from Tokyo to Busan

With our Priority Pass from AMEX Platinum, we were able to use the Korean Air lounge in Narita.
Compared to a zoo called Air France lounge @ JFK, this place was quiet and nice.

They had plenty of cup ramen and onigiri for guests to enjoy. Since we were flying a low cost airline (Air Busan), we decided to eat our lunch here.

From the lounge, I could see an Aeromexico jet pulling in...

Ready to board!

Despite being a LCC, Air Busan had plenty of legroom. 5'11" on the left and 5'2" on the right, for reference.

..and what do you know!? it comes with a meal too! Sea Food fried rice to be exact. The fried rice was seasoned well, and it was quite tasty. I didn't think they had a vegetarian option though..

My very very subjective food rating:
KE Y food = JL Y food => BX Y food > DL J food > MU J food

One thing you see a lot in Korea is their apartment complexes... they are useful, in terms of providing housing for a large number of people, but to be honest, it's really ugly.

After an hour of bus, "I can see our hotel now!"

This was our second time visiting Park Hyatt Busan using our annual free certificate from Chase.

My big problem with this hotel is that they try to be too technologically fancy. They run some elaborate smart elevator system that messes the whole system up when there are too many people requesting elevator. Their toilets absolutely depend on continuous supply of electricity...

A toilet required electricity.

So when the fuse blew in our room, there was no way to flush the toilet. and housekeeping was useless until they could bring an engineer an hour later.

After Narita Express -> Flight -> 1 hr bus ride, we had no functioning toilet in our room, and when we requested if they could let us use another room, they said no.

But, I am a sucker for their view and their breakfast congee.

There's a restaurant within the walking distance from the hotel that makes really great gomtang. Give it a try when you are there.

Saying Good Bye to Park Hyatt Busan.

KTX Ride from Busan to Seoul

Korean version of Bullet Train - KTX gets you between Busan and Seoul in about 2.5hrs, cutting down a 4-6hr trip by car in half.

I mean, train is a train... so I don't think I need that many photos of a train... but that red bag... it's falling over!

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