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Originally Posted by mpeterson78 View Post
I can confirm that the Companion Ticket does NOT work on Saver fares in the NE Corridor
It's not just the NEC. I ran into this issue today for a ticket on the Empire Builder. The Saver fare was $146 each way, but I was required to book the Value fare at $188 each way. That meant the round-trip was $366, not the $292 I was expecting.

So the choice was either $584 (2 Saver r'ts) or $366 (one Value r/t plus free companion ticket). That's still a $218 savings, though once you factor in the $79 Annual Fee, it's only a $139 savings [compared to the $213 savings I was expecting].

That's nothing to sniff at (and I realize the annual fee also gets you one free upgrade, but that's useless on the Builder). But it's really making me think twice about renewing my annual fee card for next year.

It's worth noting that the T&C for the $79 credit card describes the companion coupon like this:

Companion Coupon valid for one (1) free companion rail fare with the purchase of one (1) regular (full) adult rail fare.

Nowhere is "(full)" defined. Saver fares are not listed on Amtrak's "everyday discounts" page. So one could surmise that since it's not considered a "discount" it must be a full fare.

But on Amtrak's "Guide to Fares" page it describes Saver Fares as the "lowest available fares" that include "deeply discounted fares." So you could surmise, as the AGR agent I spoke to did, that Saver fares are not "full" fares. However, this is implied and is never specifically stated. Why couldn't Amtrak simply and specifically say in the credit card app that the companion coupon is not valid for Saver Fares?

I think I know: They'd sell fewer $79/annual fee credit cards that way.
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