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Missing cushion - Turkish Airlines Economy Class Reviews

Ever boarded a plane to fly off and be confronted with a metal chair and a missing seat cushion? I admit this has never happened to me until our recent experience on Turkish Airlines. We were flying from Singapore to Istanbul and onward to Copenhagen. This was on the Istanbul to Copenhagen leg. We had to take an airport bus to board the plane. It was a nice and sunny morning. We got on board, walked to our seats, and were confronted with this....

Hmmm, I didn't know we had to fit our own cushion? But that can't be. More likely some maintenance crew did not complete his job! And it certainly didn't help that the dirty cushion left on the metal seat looked like this.

Not a great way to start a flight, I reckon. I first alerted a male cabin crew, who didn't seem too surprised. But he disappeared. Really! Then I alerted a female cabin crew, who said she will help sort this out. True enough, she came back within a few minutes with a new cushion and fitted it. Well done!

Here is a short video clip of the dirty cushion experience.

Thankfully, after that cushion episode, everything was smooth. In fact, we did quite enjoy our Economy flight on Turkish Airlines. We flew Singapore to Istanbul, and then Istanbul to Copenhagen. On our return leg, it was London Gatwick to Istanbul, and then Istanbul to Singapore. Along the way we had a separate British Airways one-way flight from Copenhagen to London Heathrow.

I will do a full review of those flights once I get the videos and pictures sorted out. But first, enjoy the 'missing' cushion!
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