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Thanks for the responses.

My CA coding was square cash

Started with paypal..payments to merchant (house cleaner) coded as 3X. Tried to send a buddy $1K and while it was a purchase, it didn't earn 3X.

Couple of months back I did a test with square cash. Coded as 3X. Sent a friend $2K no prob. Next month, I needed to spend $2K to hit my $10K threshold (to make this card worth keeping for the next year). Coded as a CA, and it was a royal cluster. I paid the balance a day or two after the charge, but they didn't tack on the CA fee until the statement close (it was bizarre, and kept as a pending charge that kept a rolling transaction date until the statement close). The CA fee essentially nixed the value I was getting by hitting the 10K in spend, but I figured I might as well keep it around with Plastiq coding 3X.

What's weird is my plastiq biller's category is in the "rent, mortgage, and real estate" category within plastiq. Guess I'll have to reach out to them and ask what the deal is.
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