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I booked a last minute trip for work with very confined schedule choices and wound up routing via DTW on the outbound and ATL on the way back. Because it was last minute, the fare class was high. And because of the timing, both the BOS-ATL and ATL-MSP flights were meal flights. So I decided to apply a SkyBonus upgrade certificate. The discrepancies in the meals (and as compared to a semi-recent BOS-MSP flight) really made me wonder what Delta's meal standards are. Anyway:

Equipment: MD-90
Meal: "Dinner"
Distance: 946 miles, block time: 2h57

I would not call this dinner. And I giggled when I got a ham sandwich from Delta. I didn't eat the chips, but the fruit was good. The service was perfunctory as well. "Do you want the meal" — as opposed to "Will you be dining with us tonight? Our options are..." — which is what I heard on my second flight. The other option was the cold shrimp salad.

Entree: A ham sandwich
Side: Fruit dish
Dessert: Dancing Deer molasses and clove cookie
Drink: Woodford

Flight two:

Equipment: 767-300(Domestic)
Meal: Dinner
Distance: 906 miles, block time: 2h44

This meal still wasn't as nice as the BOS-MSP dinner, but it was at least hot. And it was good. The other option on this flight was the cold shrimp salad as well. The service was outstanding, with the two F flight attendants really going out of their way to be helpful and attentive. All-in-all, the two meals together were probably a bit more food than I needed, but the first meal definitely wasn't enough.

Entree: Chicken with cheese ravioli and veggies
Side: Fruit dish
Dessert: Dancing Deer lemon cake
Drink: red wine

All-in-all, as a GM with upgrade lists over 40 in both cases, and with about seven hours on the plane, including boarding, I consider this a good use of a SkyBonus certificate. The meals were actually a touch disappointing, given my other recent Delta experiences, but not bad. I have a breakfast flight to LAX tomorrow that I'll post about later.

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