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Originally Posted by pitz View Post
Why would they go through the trouble of re-branding the 705's as 900's if not for eventually putting in more seats?
The 705s are certified to 75 seats, which is how they are currently configured. Now that they are going to 76 seats they have to recertify them as 900s.

Originally Posted by pitz View Post
The 76 seat configuration wasn't a technical or space limitation of the CRJ-900 (re-branded as a CRJ-705), but rather, was a limitation of the CBA they had signed with the ACPA at the time.

Once that clause is gone, the planes get reconfigured. And conditions are very favourable for a renegotiation of that clause.
Again, they aren't 76 seats yet. The planes are being reconfigured to 76 seats, and as already mentioned the clause in the CBA is already gone with the ratification of the ACPA agreement months ago.
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