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Originally Posted by pitz View Post
Suspect there's an alterior motive here to eventually push another few rows as soon as they can do the paperwork with the union. 76 seats in a "CRJ-900" is on the low side.

I'd imagine the reconfiguration will be along those lines; minimizing the time it would take to pull a row of J to reconfigure to 2 extra rows of Y for an 81 seat (9J/72Y) configuration and even a 6J/77Y config unless the economy miraculously picks up.

Hence, no closet expansion. Slaveship conditions in the back. Gotta have continuity of product after all! Surprised AC is doing seat-back IFE though. Isn't that going the way of the dodo (gogo) bird?
Why would they reconfigure the cabin once now, then do it again in short order?

As for 76 seats being "low", how do you see that? It's the same as DL's layout. AA has three layouts, two of which have 76 seats (12J/64Y like AC and DL, 9J/67Y and 9J/70Y). The 76-seat layout, if it mimics DL's, would leave 31" seat pitch in Y and 34" in preferred seats, which is in line with the E75/90 fleet and in the ballpark with the 320 family.

Yes, European operators with their fake J products cram more seats in, but I don't think they're a particularly relevant comparison given that key difference.

As for reducing J, why would they add two more seats only to take them right back out again? Makes no sense to me.
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