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Smile My simple BRG tool

Hi, guys. I just made a small tool to search BRGs. I'm still developing, so there might be some bugs. Currently the usage of my tool is pretty complicated, which means you need to TYPE in all necessary fields of the search form. I will focus on user friendly later on.
Please note that:
1. Use the items on the left column of country and state list, here is the link to two lists: So that you need to type "united states" instead of "us", "taiwan, province of china" instead of "taiwan".etc (I just download these lists so I'm not involved in the country name problems).

2. You need to type the date in the exact format I provided on the website.

3. "Some error when mapping official hotel name to compete site" means there is a error of finding the hotel price on third party website, basically because hotel names do not match (about 40%). I will keep update the mapping list.

4. This website is not 100% that you can get a BRG approval, and price I fetch might not 100% accurate.

5. Please use simple password when you are registering, I didn't pay much attention to the security part of this website.

6. Please do not abuse this tool!!

And here comes the link to my tool:
Save your time and enjoy your BRG.

6/10/2016: Added Point Usage section for best available point usage.
6/10/2016: (Third party has detected unusal traffic)It seems that the third party website: has prohibited the traffic from my proxy server (amazon aws). I will try to solve it ASAP!
6/11/2016: Fix the BRG LINK problem.
6/12/2016: I decide to open source my code in case that some websites prohibit my servers, so that someone can setup there own BRG tool. The link is (08/11/2016): I choose the make the code private now, because there is the risk of being blocked by source websites by making them public.
6/15/2016: Currently focus on moving things out of my apartment, might delay the update (Finished 7/11/2016)
7/11/2016: Improving search User experience, you can now select date, country and states.
7/23/2016: (IMPORTANT)!!!!!!!According to some billing issues the domain has been changed to !!!!!!!!!
7/30/2016: I fixed most of the mapping errors, if you still experiencing huge amount of errors. Just post your date and destination under this thread and I will inspect them as soon as possible.
8/03/2016: I just make a huge technical improvement to fix the error problem (at least it should not give you a full page of mapping errors)!!!!! It should works pretty good now!!
8/10/2016: Update Material UI for some components in the website.(Login/Register and Search)
8/11/2016: Update Material UI for some components in the website.(BRG list)
8/14/2016 : Fixed VAT problem in the following countries: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Iceland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Mauritius, Croatia, and Hungary.

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