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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
All well and good. Replying to the variety of responses, hopefully in a timely manner, is an equally less than trivial effort.

Additionally, I kind of liked leaving all of the questions - answered and unanswered - out there. It seemed easy enough to discern those which had not yet been answered by virtue of their black print. Still, if this approach is deemed excessively difficult to navigate, I am not averse to eschewing it for the traditional style.
I really appreciate your efforts on the question and answer front, and support whatever approach is best for you, but I will say that I like it when answered questions are deleted in reply updates.

Switching topics, I'm looking forward to the next set, and hope to answer at least one question. The problem is, since I wasn't alive during that era, I will presumably need to rely on Google and also get lucky.
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