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tmac100 your ticket shows the standard baggage allowance for your journey. Any extra allowance is not shown on your ticket so you have to add the extra yourself.

Your ticket shows what you have PAID for. Any 'free of charge' extra allowances are of no concern to the ticket.

These extras vary dynamically according to many factors and it would be extremely difficult to accurately state them on your ticket. To take a simple example: For some reason you lose your BAEC Silver status, and thus your OW Sapphire status, the day before you fly. Your extra 15kg would also disappear but if it was on the ticket you would be getting 15kg you were no longer entitled to because it was on your ticket. Or the reverse: You achieve Silver after the ticket is issued so your ticket only shows 30kg and if the extra kgs were included on your ticket you are stuck with 30kg whilst being entitled to 45kg.

And it gets extremely complicated when multiple carriers or codeshare are involved.
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