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Pick up around 9pm on 27-May (Memorial Day weekend). First they loaded the shared bus with Enterprise to way overcrowded ... very dangerous as the driver was driving fast and taking turns quick. So crowded folks were in front of the white line and no place to hold.

Anyways, EA has pick your midsize color including a ton of Altimas. There was also a minivan, two large pickup's and two SUVs. I took a Kia Sorento.. was surprised to find it is a 2017 model with literally 6 miles on it when I took it out. (Sorry, I'll be returning it in COS). Never been the first renter of a car.

Unique to DEN, almost all their cars are CO-plated rather than a different state than the station.
Did you see what was in the executive section? Anyone else been to DEN lately?
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