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I have now started planning my trip to Warsaw in July and I thought that I'll post some more details as I'll unearth them (and possibly a few follow up questions).

Firstly the sailing :

WTL operates several kinds of boats:

1) Boat to Serock.
Serock is a village on the shores of the Zegrze (Segrzynski) lake.
It's a once a day cruise on Friday, Saturday, Sunday in summer.
From 9.30 to 17.45 with a 2 hours stop in Serock.
More info :

There is no mentioning of adequate or not adequate water levels this year.
It's a very long cruise in my opinion, probably too long for my liking unless
Serock is really worth a visit - is it?

2) Water tram cruise in Warsaw itself.
Operating Friday, Saturday, Sunday in summer.
~ 1 1/2 hours duration.
3 departures on Fridays, 4 on Saturdays, Sundays.
More info :

3) Ferries across the river.
Every day.
More info :

And prices for all 3 :
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