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Interesting experience today flying DCASTL today. Not sure how often this happens...
Flight was booked 5/8. I saw the actual loads so it wasn't based on just the seat map. GA cleared standbys but did nothing about upgrades so they called first and priority boarding and I waited back to see if she did anything. Finally decided to just get in line to board and not risk losing overhead space. So I walk up, scan boarding pas thinking maybe she will clear me but she waves me on down the jetway. At that point I ask if she is going to process upgrades and she takes my boarding pass hands me a new one then tells me she has to check my bag. Long story, open seats still in F (I had a two side row to myself) and two people left on the list after we pushed back. Not calling shenanigans but thought the whole experience was odd. Well the whole flight was odd because fa in F poured drinks then disappeared to Y for the rest of the flight sitting in the last row playing on the iPhone. I went back to ask for a can of soda and I got the look of death and told him he didn't need to go up to the F alley just to hand me the can. Anybody else run into issues where they have to remind the GA to process upgrades?
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