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Original Routing Credit Beginner's Guide


If you fly enough and care about the quest for reaching levels of status on BA, then you're bound to run into irregular operations (IRROPS) at some point over your tier point year, whether it's on BA or a One World partner.

Many people ask how to get credit for the ticket they purchased, but if this is not explained clearly, you may get the run around.

This guide covers this topic, known as Original Routing Credit (ORC) on both BA and other airlines such as AA. Many even report that AA is difficult to receive ORC, but this is contrary to my experience. This short guide will give advice on how to request ORC. Feel free to provide your own tips and suggestions to make this useful to others.


If you were rerouted or downgraded, but remained on a OneWorld airline, wait either until the reduced amount of tier points have posted, or until 8 days after the flight was flown.

If you were moved to a non-OW airline, send in your email after the flights were flown.

In all cases, you contact BA for original routing credit if you are crediting the flights to BAEC.

Making a call

If you prefer the phone, here are my tips for making a call:

1. Get all of your background information in order, including the following for both the travel that was booked, and what you were rerouted on: Confirmation number, flight numbers, flight dates, ticket numbers
2. Call the BAEC number. Explain that you are seeking Original Routing Credit (ORC) for your flights that suffered from a disruption/IRROPS.
3. Give the BA agent the information as succinctly as possible. Calmly stick to the facts (the less they have to process, the more efficiently they can help you)
4. They will tell you that it will take 4 weeks. In practice, 10 days seems to be typical.
5. Call back 7-10 days later to check on the status of your request.
6. If you receive an email from BA denying your claim, call BAEC again, explain that you have an open request for missing avios and tier points for a flight disruption on AA, and you are confused by a status update that you received.
7. Be patient, calm, friendly, courteous, and persistent, and you should eventually receive credit for the ticket you purchased via BAEC, regardless of whom AA rebooked you on.
8. Remember that it is not the BA agent's fault that the system is imperfect, so the more you can do to make it easy for them to help, the more likely you are to get a positive outcome.

Writing a letter

I generally prefer writing a letter instead of a call, especially in the case of a more complex disruption. I would write something like this:

Dear BA,

On my recent itinerary on <AIRLINE>, my <FLIGHTS|CLASS OF SERVICE> was impacted due to IRROPS.

My original routing on <DATE> was <AAA-BBB-CCC> on flights <FLIGHT NUMBERS> in <CLASS OF SERVICE>, but due to <DESCRIBE DELAY IN A FEW WORDS, e.g. mechanical delay, canceled flight, weather delay, etc.>, I was instead routed on <DATE>, <AAA-BBB-CCC> on flights <FLIGHT NUMBERS> in <CLASS OF SERVICE>.

I would like to request Original Routing Credit, as the originally flown itinerary would credit more tier points and avios than originally received.

My ticket number for this itinerary is <TICKET NUMBER> and the <AIRLINE> <PNR|record locator> is <AAAAAA>. <If rerouted to a non-OW airline, then provide the same info for the new ticket and airline>

Thanks for your time and patience!
You should of course customize this into your own writing style, as most of you are probably not Americans.

Send the email to general BA email (or GGL email if you have this status).

AA and ORC

Note that I recently had IRROPS on AA, so I took this as an opportunity to ask AA for their stance on Original Routing Credit. I received what I consider to be a favorable response:

To receive the original routing in your British Airways account, please contact BA and request that they contact us for approval of original routing. British Airways does have a procedure in place for this specific issue.
Keep calm and be persistent

Yes, it may be frustrating that this type of crediting does not happen automatically. But if you remain calm and polite, even if you get an initial rejection as a response, a bit of polite persistence will get you the tier points and avios that you should have received with the ticket that you purchased. In the rare case that I do get an initial rejection, a nice phone call is usually enough to get things resolved. And remember to keep your inquiry simple and clear, so the lovely people working at BA can help you as efficiently as possible.

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