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Originally Posted by readywhenyouare View Post
Some of you have some crow to eat. HA has been awarded KOA-HND. I'm very happy for them. No one has done a better job with HND than HA.
HA press release

This reads to me like a pro forma approval of HA's uncontested application for the nighttime slot pair, operated as 3x KOA and 4x HNL. HA's application for the daytime HNL slot is in the competition with everyone else.

The press release makes no mention of dates. Is this effective immediately (i.e. HA can operate the daytime HBL slot it was awarded as a simple, temporary transfer of the existing nighttime slots in addition to this pending completion of the competitive proceeding permanently allocating all six HND rights) or is this the DOT awarding the permanent nighttime routes before announcing the permanent daytime route approvals?

If this is just temporary, it makes perfect sense. Might as well let HA use the uncontested rights in the meantime. Even if it's permanent, it's hard to argue with approving an uncontested application.
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