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It is not worth having a car in Sydney, even if it is a cheap rental, it's a huge hassle and you will pay a lot for parking, when you can find it. Plus I get stressed out driving in Sydney and I am used to driving on this side of the road!

You do of course need a car to do the GOR, and it is advisable to have a car for the Blue Mountains. You can look at renting a car outside Sydney, from Paramatta to Katoomba, and see how the prices stack up. You can train to either one of those places easily, or you can even take the river ferry to Paramatta.

The Melbourne CBD rental cars can be a good value, and it saves the road tolls and hassle driving from the airport. But you don't want one for exploring around town, just for when you leave. Look to stay close to the CBD rental car locations and you'll have a nice easy time grabbing a car to head out on the GOR.
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