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Curious case: Me and my wife travelling on the same flight, but different reservations.

I've been a PLT since last year, she's recently made PLT this year, but booked while still GLD, I think. Anyway, I booked way earlier (as in several weeks) than her and got an O fare, she's on an S-fare.

She just got her upgrade e-mail. I checked my booking, but still 'requested' (through my lousy "dutch" version of the website).

There's multiple seats open on the seat-map, although that means little...

Now, I actually am happy that she's getting the upgrade, so I don't have to do the "I insist" dance with her, if it were just me that got upgraded. But I'm still baffled why hers was processed before mine, because going by AA-rules, I would have expected my booking to take precedence.

Anyone understand what's going on here?

I've noticed before that my itineraries that start in Europe tend to not have my upgrades processed in advance, even if I sometimes clear at the gate.

And now I did get my upgrade. Only a few hours after hers. Nothing to see here, I guess.

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