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Originally Posted by bookeew View Post
My annual fee is due soon, which I'd rather not pay (cancel), but I'm also still holding on to a lot of LH miles that I'd rather not lose.
Not quite sure what your situation is here. If you are thinking you'd lose your miles just because you cancel the card, no worries, the miles are in your LH account, not attached to the card in any way. Just don't use your card in the midst of a billing cycle, as the miles from that spend won't post if the card has been canceled first.

But if you have very carefully used your card every single billing period, then renewing it, and again using it every single billing period, means your miles won't expire 3 years after you acquired them. But then again, do you really want to keep those miles more than 3 years?

With program devaluations happening all around us, , and reduced availability of awards being a continual process seemingly everywhere, I'd say use those miles as soon as possible. Earn em and burn em, baby, earn em and burn em.
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