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A while back I did a recap of shutdowns for the chase thread (in the wiki). I should get around to updating that one of these days.

I figured we should do the same for Citibank, see if there is a pattern. Here's what I found

From this thread

1 - gorgeoustesses: poster and partner (2) shut down, 5-7k burst MS on Biz Exec for a few months.
4 - happy9zz - shutdown in 2015. no reason cited.
38 Sam_goh self and partner (2) partly shutdown (some cards remain) - no MS, little churning, some WMBP,
59 mielenmann all shutdown no reasons cited
60 us1549 all shutdown MSing 2-3x CL plus WMBP
84 drminn partial shutdown - reasons unclear, likely inactivity
88 peterpnyc partial shutdown - inactivity.
117 sahiljain22 no info
129 apolloms accounts shutdown - low usage then very high (300k over a few cards.) and paid off before cycle. some WMBP
136 fulthrust7 self and wife's cards shutdown, little explaination. Wife's checking account closed 6 mos earlier.
160 iqbalt80 all payments by MO

and 2 from the 2016 general shutdown thread

46 jjangoo 3 of 4 closed no info
166 worldtraveller303 all shut no info

For kicks, I went back to September of 2015 to see what I could find and came up with this:

From this thread

81 lovenola shutdown in 2015 - 150-200k MS per year, MO payments,

From the previous long citi shutdown thread

1864 edbyu shitdown 2015 no reason
1872 revontulet CIti said 'too much new credit'
1880 self, wife and 'friend' shut down -
1884 jk2 (+wife)
1902 stevento all shutdown - something related to suntrust report (negative balance) to Citibank (banking related) $65k transaction to citigold denied?
1929 prestonv all shutdown Lots of WMBP
1947 liw5215 7 of 8 shutdown no info

There are 2016 11 reported shutdown events (I don't think we count likely inactivity, nor spouse/AU being closed as additional data points) And 7 or so from the last 4 months of 2015.

WMBP, MS activity and MOs are the strongest correlation. I personally don't do either with any bank. This is a common theme with the Chase shutdown thread, that MO payments and WMBP is a big flag.

I would also say that Barclays seems to be about on the same pace, especially as they have a smaller market share. Chase and Amex do not seem to be very active based on my readings.

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