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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

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Wonderful report! Very photogenic destination. The design is not my style personally (those Verner Panton chairs at this price point, no no), but oh the beauty of nature, beaches and pool. The private pool has jacuzzi dimensions, judging the picture? Was it heated or more of a plunge pool?
Given the choice, I would take an Amanzoe-esq design over almost anywhere, any day, but I actually really liked the North Island villas and all of the design. I mentioned we met another couple on the way over, well they were staying in Villa North Island, so we got to spend some time there and have dinner with them one evening. Unfortunately my pics aren't great, but even though the standard villa is amazing, Villa North Island is one of the most impressive suites I've ever seen.

I'm not sure if the pool was heated (heated to me is like getting into a warm bath), but I would take a guess and assume so, as it was very pleasant to get in and spend time in, when normally I just put my feet in, jump out and scream like a small child. It is not a jacuzzi though. If anything, you could complain that they lost an opportunity there to make it bigger, as the outdoor space is vast. The main pool was so nice though that we used that far more than our private pool, which is very unusual for us.
I've just uploaded 5 more photos to my Flickr album to give you a sense of just how large the outdoor area is for your villa, which you can see at the bottom: I still feel the photos don't do it any justice.
I'm also updating photos on Instagram

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I love how you write. I read your reports for entertainment as well as information. The mosquito report is a bit daunting, as they have a strong affection for me.
Thanks as always! Unfortunately they really were out in force. It may have been due to the heavy rain to begin with, as it seemed to get better afterwards, but I've never seen anything like it and we've been to quite a few private islands and spend quite a lot of time each year in tropical climates.
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