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Originally Posted by Pausanias View Post
I've been following these lovely photos on Flickr so it's nice to have a full commentary here as well. I reckon I'm a bit too old for a place like this these days but it does look lovely, surprisingly and pleasingly rustic-looking, especially that toilet. I didn't like the flabby bacon but that's about it.

You always get bugs in a place like that. Any cockroaches? Bats? I remember staying for two weeks at Gregory's Island Lodge on La Digue in 1982 and we had a large colony of bats hanging out (ha ha!) in the roof of our A-frame beach chalet. And cockroaches as big as cats in the bathroom. And those Seychellois centipedes, as long as . . . Montecristo cigars.
So you're my 1 follower!

There were no cockroaches. I did see some fruit bats, but really the most frequent sight is either a tortoise (sometimes doing things not suitable for children's eyes) or the lizards love of my bread. As they were also responsible for killing the mosquitos, I had no issue with them and would indeed invite them to dine with me.
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