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Originally Posted by pbarnette View Post
Why not? Are you saying that the DOT should ignore their role in ensuring competition because DL was mean to them?

MSP isn't a pawn. There will almost certainly be some negative impact to demand for DL's service to Tokyo if their competitors have better access to a more convenient airport. That may reduce demand sufficiently to make MSP-NRT unsustainable. That is a statement of fact, not a game.

They have a legitimate grievance. What would you have them do if not lobby for a resolution that works for them? More importantly, from the DOT's perspective, the resolution that works for DL also happens to maximize competition in the market.
DL has acted like a spoiled child ever since they received the two night time slots to HND and proceeded to have significant problems with those flights. In retrospect, they should have put up with losing cash on those flights, in comparison to billions they've made in the past five years, and wait for further liberalisation to day time flying.

But no, DL has for the past several years demanded Japan's MLIT to allow the carrier to transfer the outmoded NRT hub to HND, thus holding up this whole process for years. DL's actions, rather than being mean-spirited, have been petulant in trying to screw over the other airlines with access to HND.

DL's actions on HND aren't too different from their stance on the ME3 and the cancellation of ATL-DXB.

Yes, they have a legitimate grievance and could have made their application on HND slots to the greatest benefit of the traveling business public by applying for JFK-HND, ATL-HND, and LAX-HND. Instead of applying for JFK-HND, which was a slam dunk route application, they used a weak route application in MSP-HND, making this round of route applications a political play instead of applying for the routes that had strongest merit. I stand my prediction that due to DL's legitimate grievance, DL would receive a second daytime flight in ATL-HND but even with the JV of AA/JAL, MSP-HND is nowhere near the same application of DFW-HND.

DL has reduced service to TYO over the past several years, even during the interim time of AA suspending JFK-HND and UA starting up SFO-HND. The problem with DL's Japan operation was never about HND but the Yen devaluation killing their once strong yields.
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