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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
ADDED: In addition to my concern about the future of the nonstop flight to Tokyo from MSP (and potential consequences for down gauging of some domestic MSP routes), I'm wondering about the future of DL service on the intraAsia routes like SIN and BKK, to the extent that there are many flights remaining from NRT (R.I.P. HKG, ICN, PUS, CAN and others.) The idea of changing airports at Tokyo sounds horrible, as does being to connect through PVG on MU or other mainland China airports using Chinese partner flights. In addition, I don't want to connect through SEA or LAX for Asian destinations.
Other than just to NRT, why? I've seen your posts before about avoiding going through SEA because you would prefer a long leg to/from NRT for the flight in D1, but if going beyond NRT, many TPAC nonstops out of LAX and SEA are roughly equidistant or are actually longer than MSP-NRT.
MSP-NRT: 5,950 miles
SEA-HKG: 6,500 miles
SEA-PVG: 5,722 miles
LAX-PVG: 6,485 miles

Are there other reasons for not wanting to go through LAX or SEA (I can get LAX with the separated terminals - but what's wrong with SEA, especially if it would actually mean a longer flight in D1?)
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