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Originally Posted by tmorse6570 View Post
I didn't get a photo either, but we got into it with a mother and her two kids flying back from HNL to LAX on a 757 with lie flat seats. I never get into heated arguments with other passengers, so this was a first.

We were in 3C and D. The mother was in 4B and her two 9? year olds were behind us in 4C and D. The seats are great. Lots of space so how on earth those two girls were able to stand on their hands (I'm guessing on the seats) and kick me with their bare feet in the head is beyond me.

The mother could see what was happening and did nothing until my partner stood up and told the girls to sit down. Before the kick to the head, they had both been kicking the backs of our seats for close to two hours. Which I don't get either, because they were both under 5 feet. I think they were bouncing around like it was a playroom or something. I was just praying for massive turbulence so they might slam into the ceiling or something.

So the mother gets into it and blames everything on Delta. I suggested she sit with one and keep them separated. No go. Then I suggested they sit down with their seat belts on. Nope. The mother wasn't having any of it. She kept rambling about how it was Delta's fault.

So I told her if they were incapable of behaving, maybe they should sit in coach. That got her going. She said "I paid for these seats!". I said "So did I and it isn't the flight attendants job to baby sit your damn kids so why is it Delta's fault!?"

The two attendants apologized to us and made extra rounds to check on the kids. They were pretty good for about 45 minutes and then started in again and meanwhile that waste of carbon mother did nothing.

OK. I'm finished. I love those seats and the big entertainment screens.
As a parent, kids are tough to control sometimes. But at this age they should know better. I would have walked behind the mothers seat and kicked it a few times when she did not expect it.
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