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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Depending on the nature of the conference and your role, my vote would generally be for the Hyatt right at convention center as it's nice to be able to return to your room during the day and, more importantly, this choice is likely to maximize your opportunities for informat interactions with other participants, especially if it's designated as the headquarters hotel.

Does your conference have social events in the evenings or semi-private evening receptions and parties? If so, where are these events located?

In terms of the hotel's hard product, Palmer House is an iconic historic property that was extensively and successfully renovated some time ago. It's stunning if you like that style.

Are your conference rates the same at all of these hotels? Have you checked the rates for reserving a room outside of the conference's housing "office."
Actually, the Hilton is designated as the HQ Hotel, strangely enough.

All 4 hotels are being offered at essentially the same rate (Sheraton is $10/night cheaper) and are all a little cheaper than what I could book myself.

There is nothing really scheduled for the evenings, either I go grab food by myself, or with a small group of people - but nothing organized by the conference.
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