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Originally Posted by sbm12 View Post
I think odds of one carrier getting 3 while the other 3 only get 1 each are very, very, very low.
It's all in the JVs. This is a legitimate argument by DL. If DL received all 3 slots, then Skyteam would still only have 25% of the total US-HND market.

In the past, the DOT was fine giving DL 2 slots and UA 0. 3-1 is less slanted.

Originally Posted by ashill View Post
I think that NYC getting a slot for a US carrier is a shoe-in, so I think that UA's EWR service is a shoe-in (since neither AA nor DL asked for JFK). I also think that UA's SFO is a shoe-in, and it's most likely that only one LAX slot will be awarded. That leaves four applications (HNL, DFW, ATL, MSP) for two slots. I agree that HNL will probably be left in the evening, so DL and AA will each get one of the slots. So daytime slots:
*A getting 50% of the slots, and 2 flights to NYC sounds incredibly unlikely. If JL decides to do JFK, then 25% of flights would go to NYC.

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