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Originally Posted by readywhenyouare View Post
Im not doubting you but I guess I just don't understand this statement. ATL serves far more destinations than MSP. Especially if we are talking about south/central/Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Is there more demand for places like Tokyo-Fargo, ND? If so then yes MSP makes more sense.
It's just that any city west or north of ATL (DTW, CHI, Texas, BOS, NYC, WAS, the entire Midwest, Northeast, and mid-Atlantic, etc) can be served more directly via MSP than via ATL. All the large markets have plenty of service to both ATL and MSP. And the DOT cares mostly about providing US markets with good access to HND; I don't think connecting the Caribbean and Latin America to HND is very important to the DOT in the route proceedings.

Separately, DL's chutzpah is amazing. From their application:

Delta has no Japanese carrier as a joint-venture partner, and therefore receives no benefit at Haneda from the allocation of slot pairs to Japanese carriers. Therefore, Delta would have been justified in requesting, and the Department in awarding, each of the daytime slot pairs to Delta. Instead, Delta is seeking only three of the available slot pairs to introduce robust competition among alliance carriers at Haneda
Obviously, DL is so special that they are entitled to as many as AA/JL and UA/NH combined, rather than each getting about 1/3 of the slots, but DL chose to be so incredibly magnanimous as to request only about 1/3.

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