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Not quite the same, but ASR question.

Is it difficult (or rather, possible) to get seat assignments in Y for paid tickets not issued by SAA? And if so, who (if anyone) can one choose exit/bulkheads/extra legroom seats for free?

Since preferred seats aren't a *G benefit, I was wondering if being booked on a Y or B fare would make a difference.

As I've mentioned above, I've always found SAA's US call centre staff generally very helpful in doing seat assignments for all types of tickets. YMMV. BUT, I've generally found that SAA's US call centre staff can NOT put you into bulkhead or exit row seats. According to the representatives, those have always seemed to be "airport assigned" or something like that. Due to my particular traveling circumstances, I've never attempted to select bulkhead or exit row seats during online seat selection (and indeed have stopped asking about them when I call). A LONG time ago (15+ years), I had a US-based travel agent who was somehow able to wangle me bulkhead seats. But, that was a long time ago.

Unless I've missed something, there are no specific "extra legroom" seats (similar to Economy Plus-type seats) on SAA that are available, at all.

I can't speak to whether Y vs B fare code would make a difference in whether paid tickets issued by a codeshare/partner airline could get seat assignments prior to airport check-in. But, I do stand by my statement that SAA's US call centre is generally very accommodating of seat selection requests. I've never had a problem - as recently as in the past two months. Honestly, however, perhaps its recently changed, I've just had better luck or been on a particular type of ticket that allowed it.
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