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Originally Posted by cur View Post
just called the florida office

"unfortunately if you're in economy and on a non-saa ticket i cannot select a seat for you, not even for star golds. my computer will not allow it. you will have to do it at check in"
OP said he was in J. Even when booking revenue Y tix directly through SAA, I've been told, in some cases, either it's seat selection at the airport or pay for privilege of selecting seat earlier.

Originally Posted by Flame3601 View Post
Please make sure if telephoning SAA, to make sure you are able to spend a good hour waiting to get answered and if you email you probably will never get a reply ....

That my experience with SAA over the last 10 years
180 degree opposite experience for me with SAA's US call centre. Never emailed SAA. Always called, some hold time, but never more than 10 minutes, max.
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