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For breakfast -

John's Place (on Pandora just before Douglas) is awesome, and iconic. Depending on when you go (and what day of the week) you may have to wait briefly for a table. Prices there would be around $10-15 for breakfast, but well worth it.

Blue Fox cafe is another great breakfast joint. It's on Fort just past Quadra. Bit of a squeeze once you're inside as the tables are packed in fairly tightly, but it's a great breakfast place as well. And reasonably priced (cheaper than John's Place I think).

There's also Jam Cafe too, which is a few blocks North of Chinatown. Bit of a "hispter" vibe to it but the food is great. It's jam-packed (ha) on weekends though, and wait times can get up to 45-1 hour depending on your group size, so definitely go during a weekday.

I'd definitely hit up one (or all) of these places - although try to go on a weekday when it's less busy. Hope you enjoy your stay!!
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