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Thanks for the replies. EVA SIN call center also says miles have to be in each person's account. I'll do a small transfer and try out first, see what the online system says.

I'd like to check on when it is considered a confirmed booking, if I were to play around online, so that I do not incur the US$50 cancellation fee. There's one page which I can go to, saying the itinerary selected, flights (confirm or waiting list) and showing the taxes due. Then the next page shows the mileage requirement and existing mileage. I'm unable to proceed beyond this with insufficient mileage.

I'm presuming if I do not pay for the taxes through credit card, the whole process would be voided and my miles intact?

Also, it says that the online system is unable to ticket for children, so I will have to call for them. And do they need miles in their own account?

Just called again and ask again. Now they say I can transfer all the points to my account and add the others as my redemption nominees and can transfer miles to them. Also children above 2 should just create accounts for them and proceed with redemption.

Editted2: Yes, online does say that I can transfer miles to redemption nominees. However, I'd need to submit a hard copy form to enable online services first. Will report back on how things can be done. Seemingly, adding nominee by paper forms require 5k miles per nominee.

Editted3: Sent in mail by snail mail to the SIN office. The online service was activated within 1-2 days and I can add nominees (without any fees), which will only take effect the next day. Nominees are active the next day, and I supposedly can transfer miles (without doing any actual transfer). I'm still short of a few miles to transfer in from my credit card, so it will be a while before the actual transfer. If the transferred miles and the nominees' miles cannot be combined, means I'm unable to make use of their 1000 free miles upon registration?

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