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A couple of amusing stories from my quick trip to Chicago this past weekend.

Story 1 (more Special Snowflake than DYKWIA):
Arrive at marine terminal for the 8:15 am to girl in her early 30’s and her mom complaining about their “stupid uber driver” who couldn’t find the marine terminal. Get to security and the interaction goes like this:

TSA Agent: Ma’am you need to remove your boots.

Younger woman: I don’t want to

TSA: Are you TSA Pre? No? You will need to please remove your boots

Younger Woman (whiny voice): But they’re Praaaaada and are hard to get off

TSA: Well, I’m not the one who chose to wear complicated boots this morning, now am I?

I begin laughing. Mom shoots me a look that could stop traffic.

Girl removes boots while whining that I laughed at her.

Fast forward to boarding:
Call for extra help, young children, etc. so I stand up to get ready to board with premium

When they call Premium mom while smirking immediately says in a loud voice while looking to see who is listening: “Sweetie – I think you made a mistake – they are boarding FIRST CLASS”.

Me (smiling sweetly): Thanks for letting me know. I’m in Seat 1A.

Needless to say, they both gave the death stare as they boarded with Zone 2….

Random sidenote - some woman was actually able to board the flight because she thought it was the DC shuttle (which was delayed until 10 am). Still trying to figure out how that happened.

Story 2:

Massive delays getting into LGA last night due to high winds so our 1:30 pm flight was cancelled and we were rebooked onto a very delayed 5:30 pm flight. The 6:30 and 7:30 flights were cancelled. To kill time we hung out in the Sky Club where I came upon the following scenario:

Man on the phone with Delta berating the poor person on the other end of the phone:

“I’m Platinum Medallion, blah blah blah blah…I need to be put on the 5:30 pm flight. I don’t care if there aren’t any seats. Surely there is a Silver in FC – just pull them off the flight. Don’t you know who I am??? No? I want to talk to your supervisor. They aren’t there? Then I want to speak to THEIR supervisor…”

I had to step away at this point because I am lowly silver so far this year who had paid for a seat in FC so didn’t want to see if he would actually get away with it. Thankfully, I got home several hours late and he is probably still being a miserable jerk in the Sky Club.
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