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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
I also wonder. I've been thru devaluations on other airlines, and this would definitely have been allowed. But people are expressing reservation about AS allowing it on EK tickets. I hope the first to try will share their experiences - or that AS will issue public guidelines for these tickets.
I think the culprit is the multifarious amount of bloggers scammers et al Not that the airlines and cc companies hands are clean in all this. There are few days that go by without someone posting on one of the various travel sites boasting about their FC trip on EK for little to nothing. And how you can do it too. I think these are the same ones selling get rich on flipping houses!

Personally and I have been traveling a long time, I like revenue based rewards, I "grew up" in business travel with that and it works. It will mean more seats available, better selection.

As I have said before let's let the smoke clear and see where we are. Well if one looks at J class one way is 120K now compare that to others and it's not too terribly bad and J on EK is a nice product, especially on the 380. I prefer non US metal when I am going abroad for many good reasons.

As for guidelines from AS not sure what guidelines they can issue. But anything to keep order is welcomed
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