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I am the "jerk" who never swaps. I would swap for an upgrade, but I have never been offered one to swap. I hear stories of it happening here on FT but to me it never has.

I select my seat carefully, well in advance, and frequently with more money. I am not giving it up, short of a class upgrade. As such, I have won that desirable seat fair and square, and those who covet it have lost, fair and square. Wolves and sheep...

I simply do not care if you are separated from your companion, and I don't think having a companion gives you more entitlement than I have as a solo traveler. Nor does being a parent. Particularly with fully grown adults who should be able to withstand being separated from their companions for a few hours. But even with kids as part of the equation, the airline needs to sort it out and it's not my problem until the FA specifically asks that I vacate the seat. And even then I will resist a little and request that the purser or GA ask.

I don't care if it was a lack of foresight or a run of bad luck with the flights that separated you. It's not my problem and should not be made into my problem. I am sure someone else will be willing to swap.

We talk a lot about hypotheticals and unusual situations in seat swaps. Apologists for seat swappers will say things like "What if it's a 3 year old with Multiple sclerosis and a mom in a wheelchair??". But let's be honest here...the vast majority of swap requests and poaching is done by perfectly able bodied people who can only offer a less desireable middle seat further back, families who seriously expect to not only get upgraded together, but to get seats together as a result, people who simply like your seat better, and people who think they cannot be apart from their adult companions.

I would even go further and suggest that polite requests are rare. Most of the time it starts with barking commands such as "You are going to have to" or "You need to" or as in the case of poachers "sorry, I am sitting with my.."

Politely declined requests are infrequently met with similar politeness. Instead, it's typically an indignant response, accuastions of rudeness, or a scene.

So, I always say no.
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