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Originally Posted by Proudelitist View Post
This is true, but it's still not my problem, it is theirs. I am not trying to punish people for their lack of foresight, cheapness or ignorance of seat booking..I am simply trying to retain the seat I picked. In many ways, they drew the short straw through no fault of their own, but I am still not giving up my seat unless something better is offered.
Fully agree here and I understand both sides. However, let's all try to be nice to each other since we don't know what each other is thinking or the circumstances of why people would deny or ask for a seat change. The "don't ever dare to ask me" mentality is just...well...wrong.

On a recent flight when my wife decided to tag along at the last minute with my 3 1/2 year old, we sat in different seats. I was in C+ and wifey was 6 rows behind me with the kid. I did not "poach." I walked back when the guy next to her was about to take the aisle seat and asked if he wouldn't mind switching with me and even mentioned that I have a C+ aisle seat to swap (hey, more leg room!). His response was a puffing "No. Why should I?" No skin off my back, really - for me, it's more relaxing to sit away from the kid since his ears pop when the plane descends and he cries. No skin off my wife either - she knows how to take care of my son alone.

But my point is, a simple "no, I would prefer my seat" would have been understood and ended the conversation. We didn't want to intrude, but I felt it was best for all of our comforts for me to make an effort. We don't have to sit together, but we would prefer to be together in case I am needed, even it's to talk to just pass the time. He doesn't have to move, but I figured that he might want a C+ seat instead of sitting next to a potentially-crying kid.

After the flight, my wife was telling me that when my son needed to go to the bathroom and when he said to the guy "excuse me, sir, I need to go make pee pee," he gave him a dirty look. Why? I'm just not sure how we evolved into this mentality. There is no way anyone's day can be THAT bad!
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